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These are the general terms of use for the Tomokanga Rauemi Reo Māori portal.

Terms of Use

We welcome you to the Tomokanga Rauemi Reo Māori – Māori language resources portal. By using this website you are legally bound by this websites terms of use, and copyrigt. If you do not agree to this then you should leave this website immediately.

The Tomokanga Rauemi Reo Māori was developed by Te Ipukarea Research Institute located in the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology.

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Intended purpose of website

You may use this website for its intended purposes only. What does this mean? You can use the search function of this website (i.e. standard, advanced, and guided functions) to find information regarding supportive resources for the learning, teaching, and maintenance of the Māori language.

You are welcome to share the information you find as long as this adheres to the copyright and terms of use of this website.




You agree not to use any aspect of this website for unlawful means, or harms the Te Ipukarea Research Institute, and includes the intergrity of the Māori people, of its language and culture.


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Content disclaimer

This website contains content that was not produced by Te Ipukarea Research Institute. The Institute is not responsible for such third-party content, and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in it. The Library accepts no liability or responsibility for the manner in which the information on this website is interpreted or used, or the results of such use.


External links from this website

The Tomokanga Rauemi Reo Māori portal contains links to sites that are external to this one and does not take responsibility for the quality of those sites.


Contributed Content

All content found on this website has been gathered by Te Ipukarea Research Institute researchers. However, if there are Māori language resources that are not apart of this website, the Institute welcomes contributions. These special contributions follow the copyright guidelines above, which remains with the original owner.



This website was developed under the notion of “manaaki i te reo, whakaora i te reo – care for the language, revive the language”. Despite being a project that was actioned within an educational institution system, it none the less is guided by tikanga Māori. The primary purpose of this work is so the Māori language can flourish.


Toitū te reo, toitū te tangata – As the language flourishes, so too do the people